AppCreator – Target users: Massage ・ Spa ・ Beauty Salon

How to increase sales for Massage ・ Spa ・ Beauty Salon?

・How to get closed and be always with customers as best friends?

・How to always promote your brand, your shop?

・How to always informed of your business services and your shop to your customers?

・How to increase sales?

Understand your trouble of our customers, Circle System are pleased to introduce our service

Solve the above problems by using “ AppCreator – Target users : Massage  Spa Beauty Salon


AppCreator – Tạo thành công cho bạn

AppCreator – Target users: Massage Spa Beauty Salon

Its a service which create mobile app for your business, your shop

Can changes trends that your customer go to your shop by sending effective information to customers who have installed your app.

When you use AppCreator, it will provide useful information to users that installed your app as the example below.

  • On rainy days, 10% discount for people who receive messages from yours.
  • Effective for announcing available or unavailable time of Beauty Salon · Spa · Massage to user.
  • We discount 10% price until 17:00
  • Now you can use the service immediately !
  • There are currently vacancies !….

User also wants to know the information of their favorite restaurant

Effective for setting up Fanclub when introducing your app

Although you can find the mobile app in Apple Store, but if you announce your app to your customers to install your app, the amount of people using app will be increased, and create credibility for your brand

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