AppCreator – Target users: Restaurants, Bars

AppCreator – Target users: Restaurants, Bars

How always be with customers as friends?

Today, most people use smart phone and it is also an indispensable material for us. If you don’t belive, you can just look around. Everyone use smartphones when they are on board, in a restaurant, on a plane, or even walking.

Why do they use smartphone with high frequency? That’s because there are utilities and effective mobile apps. With thoses mobile apps, you will get a lot of useful information.

Based on that, why don’t you create an app with useful features so that your app will be a close friend and give your customers instant access whenever they need?.

We understand your trouble. So Circle System are pleased to introduce our service.

AppCreator – Target users: Restaurants, Bars

Mobile App with smart features

AppCreator – Target users: Restaurants, Bars

It is a service which creates mobile apps for your business or your shop.

It can change trends that your customer go to your shop by sending effective information to customers who have installed your app.

When you use AppCreator, it will provide useful information to users that installed your app as the example below.

    • On rainy days, 10% discount for people who receive messages from yours.
    • Imported fresh maguro. ※There are attached pictures.
    • There are currently vacancies !….
    • There is new dish. So do you want to try it?

User also wants to know the information of their favorite restaurant

Effective for setting up Fanclub when introducing your app

Although you can find the mobile app in Apple Store, if you announce your app to your customers to install your app, the amount of people using app will increase, and therefore create credibility for your brand

Functions overview

CMS App mobile

Objects OS : iOS/android

The app functions

  • Receiving the push notification function
  • Bookmark function
  • Calling function
  • Displaying map function
  • Connecting Facebook

Management functions

  • Sending the push notification function
  • Editing company’s profile information function
  • Editing the template function
  • Editing banner’s image function

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