What is the AppCreator?

What is AppCreator?

  • It is a service to introduce and build apps easily.
  • It is an mobile app construction service that can make customer introduction and approach easier.
  • Can boost sales.
  • Can make your brand grow.
  • Introducing your app to the World Wide Web is required.

Function overview

CMS App mobile

OS : iOS/android

App functions

  • Receiving the push notification function
  • Bookmark function
  • Calling function
  • Displaying map function
  • Connecting to Facebook

Management functions

  • Sending the push notification function
  • Editing company’s profile information function
  • Editing the template function
  • Editing banner’s image function

Can use immediately?

 If your company have your content and materials available, you can easily use mobile app without any technical knowledge.

Details of outstanding functionality

Push Function

push_AppCreator ・Push notification is a communicating function which is superior than advertising sent by emails or flyers.

 ・Easy to send push notification at any time to the user who uses this app

Bookmark Function

bookmark_AppCreator・A function that allows bookmarking favorite pages.

・Helping users save favorite sites without having to search.

・Save searching time

Call Funtion

phone_AppCreator・It is a function which users can call directly to the service supplier inside your app.

・Ex: calling for order or question and answer.

Display map function

map_AppCreator ・It is a function which display customer address in the map.

 ・It is convenient for users to easily search for the location of your company, the business location.

Connect to Facebook

It is easily to connect fo Facebook

Can edit mobile app anytime anywhere

setting_AppCeator・When issued, most of other mobile apps can not change color or design.  

But with AppCreator, you can change images, colors of your app as you like easily

・There are a lot of themes with beautiful colors to choose .

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