Outsource IT Services

Outsource IT Services

Your company having difficulty in finding qualified IT personnel? You spend a lot of cost for expensive  outsourcing IT services from foreign suppliers? You do not believe in the capacity of small local service providers?

We help you address all of this concerns with outsource IT services.

Outsource IT is consulting services, deployment, management and support for all issues from large to small to help your businesses operate the IT systems efficiently and economically. Provided by the collaboration between Circle System and prestigious partners from Japan, Outsource IT brings to your business IT outsourcing services with international quality, local prices.

Outsource IT Pros at Circle System:


  1. No recruitment, probation, layoffs, training. Skilled personnel are used for projects
  2. Flexible in that when finishing or stopping projects, it is fine to stop employing personnel.
  3. Circle System team has lots of experience in outsourcing and processing in many parts.
  4. Minimize cost, save time, energy and boost the pace of business
  5. No administrative headaches, no need to invest in the system, tools, processes.
  6. Focus on the core business, making the request and acceptance of results
  7. Scale up a team flexibility, team 1-3 or 100-300 in the shortest possible time
  8. Get free advice from energetic team at Circle System Manager for IT projects
  9. Always serve your business with dedication and commitment to values.
  10. High quality at a reasonable cost

Customer benefits from using IT Outsource service at Circle System:

  1. Expertize in the IT sector to understand the details and professional response to the clear commitment and implementation plan
  2. Helping customers save costs related to human resources (salaries, labor regime, etc ..), the risk of human resource management
  3. Make sure the work is always operational. Save time and ensure quality of service to do outsourcing
  4. Find quickly suitable candidates
  5. Candidates devote lifelong – lower personnel fluctuation
  6. To be assured of experienced human resources, especially human resources in the ICT sector
  7. Understand and maintain good relations with candidates. Efficiently support customers in negotiating with the candidates.
  8. Competitive service price compared to peers

Please contact Circle System according hotline: 0909,739. 378, or visit the website for advice www.circle-system.net service

Companies Circle System – specialized design mobile app – a mobile application utilities.

Address: 4th Floor, 212 Khanh Hoi Street, Ward 6, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0909.739. 378

E-mail: info@circle-system.net – khanhttm@circle-system.net

Website: www.circle-system.net

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